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Jump Start Your Joy is a podcast by Paula Jenkins, a transformative life coach, retreat leader, and speaker living in the San Francisco Bay Area. The show focuses on the many ways that people follow their dreams, and look for joy in their every day lives. Paula hand picks guests with inspirational stories; people who have intentionally and mindfully decided to follow a path that brings them joy. We talk about how adversity can bring out one's strengths, how acceptance precedes growth, and how curiosity about one's life and the world around them often leads to finding one's greatest joys. A mix of humor, life coaching, and genuine love of people lead to the quirky and fun style of this podcast.
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Apr 11, 2017

Jewelry Designer and Entrepreneur Kris Nations joins host Paula Jenkins in this look back episode to share about how she has found time in her life to balance the priorities of having a family and starting and running a business.

Apr 4, 2017

This week, rounding out Courage Month, I’m joined by Kate Courageous. She’s a life coach, creator of the <a href="" target="_blank">Courageous Living Coach Certification</a>, the Coaching Blueprint, and the author of Your Courageous Life. I’ve worked with Kate for the last couple of years as a mentor coach in her coach certification program, and she is a powerhouse of knowledge, and as she says “Practicing Courage is her expertise, Teaching others to make courage a habit is her vocation.” Kate joins me this week to share all about the the four steps of habit creation, and how courage and neuroscience can impact your ability to form new habits. She and I always have an amazing time together and I know you’ll want to catch this interview.

Mar 27, 2017

Guest Stephanie Dalfonzo joins Paula Jenkins to talk about choosing love over fear, choosing joy, the law of attraction, joy as the highest level of emotions, how to face stress and anxiety, and a breathing practice for stress. 

Mar 21, 2017

Deirdre Fentem of Little Red Promotions joins host Paula Jenkins to talk about the courage it takes to market yourself, and how to make yourself shine in social media. She shares about becoming an entrepreneur, and working in anti-human trafficking.

Mar 14, 2017

Host Paula Jenkins shares about Saying Yes to Courage, and the four ways to follow courage in your life. She weaves in examples of the courage displayed by the lead character of Moana in this fun & light hearted look at courageously following your heart.

Mar 7, 2017

Guest Iman Gatti joins host Paula Jenkins to talk about the courage of facing trauma and grief, and share her own journey of being orphaned at age 6, to go on to become a coach, grief recovery counselor, and motivational speaker.

Feb 28, 2017

In this episode, we talk about:
- Alexis’ early interest in anything creative that merged with the natural world around her
- How society has found itself in a space where we are frightened by anything that seems different
- That we need to extend our hands as friends and embrace our human neighbors
Judaism’s history of struggle, and basis in a search for ethics
- How we can see the historical message in sacred text and look to apply it to todays world
- That the Quran (also spelled Qu’ran or Koran) is centered in love, and teaches that faith comes with a cultural lens
- That the sacred texts of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all reflect the time in which they were written; but also give direction in living a life based in love for all people, with a core teaching of loving one’s neighbor as oneself
- That Christianity, Judaism, and Islam all share the same base teachings, found in the Old Testament
- How to go about learning more about a religion you may be curious about

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Feb 21, 2017

This week, I’m really thrilled to have Helen McLaughin on the show. She’s a curiosity coach, and in the last two years she’s gone from having a 9 to 5 job as an executive assistant to being a coach, getting married, and living full time on the road. I wanted to talk to her about what it’s like, finding a foundation while living a life that is constantly in motion. I know you’ll love hearing her answer!

In this episode we talk about:
- Helen’s love of creating and making books as “places for stories to live” as a little girl
- How growing up as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) meant she found joys in places that were safe and comfortable for her, with her family
- How she shed the worry of doing everything right, by “reframing it all as an experiment”
- Curiosity as a foundation for life and work
- Traveling for her husband’s work, and living on the road in an RV
- Writing as a foundation and touchstone each week, no matter where she is
- How her business (and mine) felt natural, as we both followed what felt natural and fun
- How having a weekly newsletter has been grounding, week to week
- That creating, connecting, and moving each day supports harmony

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Feb 14, 2017

I now see this as an early way of setting a foundation of joy in my life. As I actively sought out, and said yes to the things that were coming from a place of love, I was also choosing joy. I was choosing joy and inviting it further into my life.

And this is what creating a foundation of joy is all about. It’s recognizing that you make a choice to seek out joy, and you make a choice to include joy in your life.

And why is this important?

Because setting up a foundation of joy is setting up a new kind of basis by which you can live your life.

When you’re choosing joy as a foundation, it helps build a solid base for your whole world and your whole reality. It started helping me see things in a new light. Because unlike a standard lens of judging things on being successful or a failure, joy has an application no matter your outcome. You could succeed in your goals and feel joy, but you can also fall short of a goal, and be able to find joy in your life despite the fact that you may not have met your outward facing goal.

Feb 7, 2017

Briana Borten and Dr. Peter Borten join host Paula Jenkins to talk about how to create the foundations of joy using structure, sweetness, and space. The Bortens are the authors of a new book, the Well Life.

Jan 31, 2017

Connie Curtis joins host Paula Jenkins to talk about gluten free living, and how to thrive and love a gluten free life style. Connie is a allergy and gluten free specialist. 

Jan 24, 2017

This week is a solocast about a mashup of things: first, Paula shares about her experience at the Women’s March this last weekend in San Francisco, and then dives into the importance of taking time each year to take inventory of your life, see what’s working, and do what she likes to call, some “pruning.”

Here are the five ways of crafting your most awesome year yet, from this episode:

1. Do you have room on your plate?
2. What is it that you want to do with this one, precious life?
3. What do you want the focus of this year to be?
4. What have you created in the past that now needs new room, in the present?
5. What is your word for the year?

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Jan 17, 2017

Guest Deb Cooperman joins host Paula Jenkins to share about journaling as a great way to get in touch with the true you. She explains how to start journaling each day, how to get past blocks, and how it's a great tool for people in the new year.

Jan 10, 2017

Jo Casey joins host Paula Jenkins to talk about mindfulness. Jo also shares about her journey starting a coaching business, and how new coaches navigate the territory of becoming an entrepreneur. Full notes:

Jan 3, 2017

In the midst of the shifting world events, I’ve felt weighed down recently. In this episode, I’ll talk about how it takes real courage to follow a muse like Joy in hard times, and following joy, and love, and our own hearts is more important now, than ever before. I’ve spent a lot of time mulling over why joy has felt so awkward recently, and why it still beckons me on. And, I’ve found a lot of uplifting quotes and thoughts from others to share with you, too.

1. Define what’s true for you - regardless of what else may feel uncertain, what do you know is true for you, right now?
2. Take comfort that it’s perfectly OK (and natural) to grieve or feel sadness at the same time as you feel excitement or joy.
3. Take action: joy is an act of defiance and self care
4. Take action: caring for others spreads joy
5. Baby steps: Joy builds more joy. Little Bits of joy brought to life make room for more joy in your life
6. Look at joy in a new way: explore what joy looks like at the crossroads of whatever else you’re feeling

Dec 13, 2016

I'm so thrilled to have Danny Williams and Steven Hundal join me for this episode to share all about the play they will be starring in at the Children's Creativity Theater in San Francisco entitled "Every Christmas Story Ever Told (and then some)." Danny and Steven are both multi-passionate, renaissance souls. These guys juggle work and families, and are putting on this play to support charities for the holidays. They truly have made a commitment to joyfully uplifting others during the holidays.

Dec 7, 2016

Rosie Williams joins host Paula Jenkins to talk about her newly published book Repurposed Faith: Breathing New Life into Your Quiet Time. 

Dec 1, 2016

In this flashback episode, Amber and Brady Black of the art site Serious Creatures join host Paula Jenkins to discuss their work as educational directors of Home of Hope Lebanon, where they teach abandoned and abused, and refugee children. 

Nov 16, 2016

I'm thrilled to have Mark Jaffe, author of "Suitcase of Happyness," as my guest. Mark is a former Walt Disney executive, and he has spent a good deal of his life looking at how to cultivate happiness. At a young age he realized that his happiest life was not something out of reach. He studied, observed, cultivated, and ultimately enjoyed an enduring happiness through a singular focus on identifying what worked and what didn’t. In this episode, Mark and I talk about how to find and pack your suitcase of happiness.

Nov 8, 2016

Christy Tending joins host Paula Jenkins to talk about how courage and vulnerability can add depth and beauty to your life, and lead you to a place that is lovingly and completely human.

Nov 3, 2016

In this solocast episode, I'm diving head first into how you can find your inner calm in the midst of this chaotic Presidential Election. To set the stage, this episode is focusing on what's going on behind the emotions and intensity of this election, and what each of us can do recenter ourselves. Whether you support Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, it's likely that you are feeling fearful about the outcome of the election. So let's take a look at what you can do, even when it feels like there aren't a lo of options.

Oct 26, 2016

Guest Matt Marr of the Dear Mattie Show joins host Paula Jenkins to talk about finding your muse, narrative therapy, what to do about bullying, and his work with Camp Brave Trails, a LGBTQ youth leadership camp. 

Oct 18, 2016

Russell Hurst joins host Paula Jenkins to talk about his Star Wars in the Yard Instagram account, toy photography, his work at a news station, and how he brings joy to people every day on taking photos and telling stories on Instagram. 

Oct 12, 2016

Michelle McQuaid joins host Paula Jenkins to talk about the science of positive psychology. We talk about grit, wellbeing, the mastery curve, and why mindfully choosing joy is good for your health.

Oct 4, 2016

Host Paula Jenkins shares around what failure can teach you about finding balance in your life. What happens when you label something as a "failure?" How can you get past the right and wrong thinking and see failure as a healthy thing? 

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