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Inspired by the quote “Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day (Henri Nouwen),” this lively show looks at the inspiration, intention, and action that you can take to have for a positive mental outlook, even in hard times and improbable situations.
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Mar 12, 2019

Renee Linnell is the author of The Burn Zone, and a serial entrepreneur. At age 33 she woke up one morning and realized that she had very unintentionally joined a Buddhist cult. What had started as a quest for spiritual learning, and finding a place that felt like home to her turned out to be an intense group well versed in brainwashing, and converting others to bring in money to help support the larger cause.

In this episode Renee Linnell and I talk about:

  • Her early love of solitude, dancing, being near the ocean, and reading
  • Recognizing she is and was a HSP (highly sensitive person) and an introvert from an early age
  • That all the people closest to her died by the time she was 15, leaving her with just her brother and alcoholic mother
  • How she found herself drawn to a Buddhist teacher, after being a spiritual seeker for many years
  • The moment of walking in to a meditation retreat and feeling like she was home
  • The fine line of being deeply inspired, and aligned with a spiritual group AND being involved with a cult
  • What’s brainwashing?
  • How to get out of a “bad” situation like a cult and learn to trust yourself again
  • The reincarnation of animals
  • Getting in touch with your inner three year old (and what your inner child can teach you about self love)
  • That we all have unique, beautiful gifts to share: be that an accountant or an artist
  • Jumpstarting your joy by turning up the volume on what makes you weird or different, taking time to do the things you love, and giving back based on what you’re really good at

Renee Linnell’s website
The Burn Zone by Renee Linnell on Amazon

Feb 26, 2019

Sharon Prentice is a psychotherapist, spiritual counselor, and author of the book Becoming Starlight: A Shared Death Journey from Darkness and Light. Her journey includes having lost her daughter, and her husband, and then having a shared death experience with him when he passed away. At the time, she experienced the presence of the divine, and was instilled with a sense that everything (including the passing of two people she loved so much) was just as it should be. I’m thrilled to have her on the podcast to talk about her shared death experience, and how that event shifted so many things in her life.

Inspired by the Immense Love She Felt in a Shared Death Experience
One of the things that Sharon shares in her book and on the show is that at the time of her husband’s passing, she was still incredibly angry and upset with God for the loss of her daughter several years prior. Stephanie was born, and passed away the same day, and Sharon fell into a “newfound love of darkness that I carried with me always. Not as an anchor but a new way of living in the world that I had come to know was cruel and unforgiving and God-less.”

This event was spiritually book ended for her when she lost her husband. In the moment that he passed, Sharon felt herself being transported into what she calls Starlight. Surrounded by love, presence, and divinity beyond words, she sensed she was whole, accepted and loved beyond comprehension by a God that she had turned away from.

“I felt more whole, more forgiven than I’d ever felt before. I now felt nothing except an all-encompassing love and compassion. My heart held no fear, no anger, no grief, no struggle. I was complete just as I was -- I lacked nothing. Deep down, I suppose I had always known this; I had just forgotten it for awhile.” (pg 123)

In our interview, Sharon talks about his even more. What strikes me, and why I find this inspiring is that this love and compassion is something that the Divine holds for each of us. It’s not held for just a few. When I think about this radical acceptance, I wonder what would be possible for myself if I accepted the abundance, love, and compassion that is meant for me?

In this episode Sharon Prentice and I talk about:
-Her early childhood at Cape Cod, dancing and listening to music
-The spiritual nature of the ocean and why it draws us both in
-Sharon’s work with the terminally ill, and why she feels it’s her life’s work
-The spiritual nature, and root of, all therapy work
-Her Shared Death Experience, and how it felt like coming home
-Jesus and my favorite passage in the Bible (Father, Father, Why have you forsaken me?”
-Centering Prayer and meditation
-Her husband Steve’s last breath, and how it provided an entrance into a Shared Death Experience for her
-How to jumpstart your joy: wake up with a smile, tell the people in your life you love them, and focused prayer


Becoming Starlight: A Shared Death Journey from Darkness to Light by Sharon Prentice on Amazon
Sharon Prentice’s Website
Sharon Prentice PhD’s Facebook page

Other resources for Grief, Death, and Dying:
Episode 168: Jonni Pollard on How to Awaken to The Truth of Who You Are
Episode 127: Julia Samuel on Grief Works, and the Stories of Life, Death, and Surviving
Episode 141: Debbie Augenthaler on Grief, Trauma, and Healing: You Are Not Alone

Jan 8, 2019

Jonni Pollard is a meditation and wisdom teacher, with his teachings stemming from the Vedic tradition. He’s the author of "The Golden Sequence," co-founder of the 1 Giant Mind Learn Meditation course and the 1 Giant Mind Teacher Training Academy. As a true multipassionate, he’s also been an actor, and an avid skateboarder and runner. Jonni now works with corporations, individuals and at events teaching others how to “get into the highest state of love to connect to our humanity.”

The Inspiration of the Four Golden Insights

I truly enjoyed getting to speak with Jonni, and felt myself sinking into the conversation in a deep way. One of the most inspirational parts of the discussion for me was when we walked through the Four Golden Insights, which are the pillars for the work Jonni does.

  1. Life is Sacred
  2. Love is our Nature - we serve, nature, and find connection
  3. Wisdom is our Power - Jonni talks about finding the intelligence of love, and reconciling the appearance of resistance and opposites.
  • We also talked about “embodied leadership power, which equals the ability to influence the environment around us.”
  • Wisdom can enliven and awaken the truth of who we are

4. Fulfillment is our Purpose - we find our purpose by fully understanding who we are


Jonni Pollard and I talk about:

  • His earliest sparks of joy as a child - playing with other kids, playing games, and any kind of games where he could evolve and find excitement
  • Being a multipassionate, where he reflected that he felt that the many different things he enjoys in his life are all just different ways that his soul and purpose is revealing itself
  • The filters that we use from the outside looking in, and how it changes the way we see ourselves
  • The desire of creative beings to become expressive
  • Our conditioning as children and the pervasive ideology that we learn as young people
  • How adopting and conforming to social ideals causes immense suffering
  • The four golden insights that set the pillars for the Golden Sequence
  • What happens when energy does not flow naturally
  • The dissonance that fear creates
  • Why we need to connect to our purpose and our humanity
  • Jonni’s thoughts How to Jump Start Your Joy: wake up and connect to the world around you, meditate for success and to affirm your humanity, and to show your best connected self to whomever you first have contact with in the morning



Jonni Pollard’s website

The Golden Sequence by Jonni Pollard on Amazon

1 Giant Mind Podcast

1 Giant Mind App

Oct 9, 2018

Learn all about how to cope with grief and make space for what you need during times of loss in this interview with Debbie Augenthaler. This episode is part of the Nourish & Nurture series.

Sep 25, 2018

Host Paula Jenkins is counting down the top 10 most downloaded episodes on Jump Start Your Joy, Season 3. From coaches, to musicians, to authors and several solocasts, get a feel for the show and YOUR most favorite guests.

Who will be #1? Tune in to find out!

Also, take the survey about Season 3 by clicking here.

Jun 12, 2018

This week on the podcast, I’m delighted to speak to Debbie Augenthaler on grief, trauma, and healing. Debbie is a psychotherapist,  the author of You Are Not Alone: A Heartfelt Guide to Grief, Healing, and Hope, and she has a private practice in New York City. After losing her husband, she was unexpectedly faced with grief, and found that losing someone that close to you causes ripples of effects; and that the impact of grief does not neatly follow the stages that we’ve all read about. Grief strikes everyone differently, and grieving is not a linear process.


Yes, you go through waves and stages, but the day to day experience of profound loss was not something she found referenced in books. Debbie was grateful to find a therapist during her own time of grief, one who held space for her to grieve.

Working in the financial field for many years, Debbie was in New York for September 11, 2001. She saw the impact of loss again, among her friends and coworkers. This time, however, she also saw that since she had already been through that kind of loss herself, she was able to “be there” for people as they faced loss in their own lives. In her words, “I wasn’t afraid of their grief. I wanted to help.”

Debbie shares all about her book and her journey through grief, and to becoming a psychotherapist on this week’s show. She also talks about four ways to reconnect in the midst of grief:

  1. Discover a small bit of hope
  2. Meditate and look for reasons to be grateful
  3. Be kind to yourself and others. Smile at other people, look for connection
  4. Be in nature

Debbie Augenthaler and talk about:

  • Growing up the daughter of a marine and moving quite a bit as a child
  • Her early joy of going to the library and finding joy and connection in books
  • How and why she became a psychotherapist: her love of discovering what drives people and makes them tick
  • How her husband died in her arms, and the impact of that unexpected loss
  • Her experience of September 11, 2001 in New York City as part of the financial industry community
  • The hero’s journey from victim to victor
  • What to do if you’re faced with unexpected grief in your life
  • How taking comfort in small things is good and affirming for you when you are in the grief process
  • That it’s “OK to not be OK.”

Debbie Augenthaler’s Website:

Debbie’s group on Facebook 

Debbie Augenthaler’s Book: You Are Not Alone: A Heartfelt Guide to Grief, Healing, and Hope (on Amazon)

Nicholas Wolterstorff’s Book: Lament for A Son (on Amazon)

Julia Samuel’s Book: Grief Works (on Amazon)

Julia Samuel on Jump Start Your Joy

May 8, 2018

This week on the show, I’m thrilled to have Lindsay Ambrose and Natalie Sager joining me to talk about their new book, Peaceful Mamas: The Mind, Body, and Baby Connection. The two joined together to write this book after meeting at a conference in Chicago, and bonding together over their love of Hal Elrod’s book, The Miracle Morning. Seeing how it could be tweaked, evolved, and applied to the transition around motherhood, AND seeing their like-minded approach to being moms, the two came together to create this new and unique offering for parents.


Why you need to listen:
Natalie, Lindsay and I dish a ton of very actionable and useable ideas for moms and parents. From both the mindset shift that we all encountered upon becoming parents, to other practical things, like how we go about setting a routine, and how we’ve helped growing children process their own emotions.

This is especially poignant for me as I’d struggled with a morning routine quite a bit when my son was younger. There was something about the transition between getting up, to getting out the door to daycare that was very painful, as my son is a “dawdler.” (he takes FOREVER and gets easily distracted). Now that he’s 7, we have it down to a science (and he understands the routines, thanks to a great visual checklist we posted on the refrigerator.

My favorite part of our discussion was when Lindsay brought up the idea of “plan tight, but hang loose” as a way of approaching parenting. As a project manager, of course I love a good plan. The reality of becoming a parent is that the plans don’t always come together as expected, and so often there’s improvisation and humor required as life throws some unexpected curves at you.

Like that time you discover the backup shorts you’d packed for your son for a day at the beach are last year’s size, and do not fit. At all. And of course, this discovery happens when he is wet, sandy, very cold, and you’re about to get into the car for a two hour drive home. In that case, a stop by Target was the solution as we headed out of town.

The trick is finding peace in the moments. Or, if overwhelm hits (and it does hit), finding ways to slow down, reset, and come back to a situation with a fresh perspective. It’s all in the mindset, and I loved getting to talk about some of the realities of motherhood with Natalie and Lindsay.

In this episode Natalie Sager, Lindsay Ambrose and I talk about:

  • How they met in Chicago over a shared interest in Hal Elrod’s book, The Miracle Morning
  • Their own new spin on how to bring more peace into your day as a Mama
  • What MAMAHH stands for: Mindfulness, Affirmations, Movement, Abundance, Health and Heart and how this can be put into action in your own life
  • Tapping into little moments that will help to restore and rejuvenate you
  • Finding the wisdom in your own heart, and focusing on that as a mother
  • The “surrender” of parenthood
  • What happens when you let go of the outcome needing to be a certain way as a parent
  • Learning to trust that little voice inside you (your intuition) as a mother
  • The RAIN method for approaching things: Recognize, Accept, Inquiry, Nurture / Kindness - and how this plays into mindfulness
  • “Dealing” with the emotions and feelings children have
  • Jumpstarting Joy for Lindsay: filling yourself up first, being more present and getting out of her head, and using her imagination
  • Jumpstarting Joy for Natalie: setting intentions, releasing worries, and getting back to gratitude

[bctt tweet= “Take tiny moments to restore and rejuvenate.” @peacefulmamas @ambroselinds @modhippiemama #podcast #mindfulness #peacefulmamas #happymom]

Website for the Peaceful Mamas community
Natalie Sager’s website at The Modern Hippie Mama
Lindsay Ambrose’s website at Everyday EveryMom
The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM) by Hal Elrod on Amazon

Jan 2, 2018

Andrea Owen of Your Kickass Life joins to talk about her new book, How to Stop Feeling Like Shit. Andrea is an author, mentor, & certified life coach who helps high-achieving women let go of perfectionism, control & isolation & choose courage & confidence.

Dec 12, 2017

Author, writer, and entrepreneur Alexandra Franzen joins to share about her new book, "You're Going to Survive." Join us as we discuss how to face and survive rejection, defeat, adversity, online trolls, and other soul crushing experiences.

Nov 7, 2017

Kelley Kosow of The Ford Institute joins host Paula Jenkins to talk about her new book, The Integrity Advantage. They share about perfectionism, Debbie Ford, living in alignment, transformation, and being the change you seek in the world.

Jun 13, 2017

This week, I’ve got a very special treat for you, it’s an interview with best selling author, psychic, and medium Paul Selig, in the celebration of the release of his new book, The Book of Truth. It’s the first time I’ve had someone channel on the show, and I know you will love this discussion. It’s moving and deeply insightful.
The theme for this month, “Your Purpose.” We’ll be looking at the ways you can follow your heart to live the life of your dreams, and how to get in touch with your purpose.


In this episode, Paul and I talk about:
- his earliest sparks of joy in drama and theater
- his journey to becoming clairvoyant, clairsentient, and then telepathic and psychic
- how he built his practice as an intuitive
- how he channels, and receives the texts that he shares
- what it feels like to sit in channel with The Guides
- difference between channeling, and when he is in the role of a psychic
- if everyone has the ability to tap into channeling
- what The Guides have to say about the pursuit of joy in this life
- what it is like to honor the call of being a channel, and the impact it's had on Paul's life
- if The Guides were present in the time of Moses, based on the fact that the phrase "Here I am" is found in the Old Testament, and very similar to what The Guides share in The Book of Truth
- what balance looks, or doesn't look like, for Paul
- how to jump start joy in your life

For all of the show notes, go to the website at

May 2, 2017

Emilie Wapnick of Puttylike joins host Paula Jenkins to talk about her new book, How to Be Everything: A Guide for Those Who (Still) Don’t Know What They Want to be When They Grow Up and to talk about finding what fits for your life. 

Apr 18, 2017

For episode 82, I’m super excited to revisit the interview with Holly Becker. You probably know her from decor8, the very popular interior design blog that she started a decade ago. She has inspired me and countless other bloggers and creative people to share their voice with the world, and led the charge in celebrating your unique voice.


Feb 7, 2017

Briana Borten and Dr. Peter Borten join host Paula Jenkins to talk about how to create the foundations of joy using structure, sweetness, and space. The Bortens are the authors of a new book, the Well Life.

Dec 7, 2016

Rosie Williams joins host Paula Jenkins to talk about her newly published book Repurposed Faith: Breathing New Life into Your Quiet Time. 

Nov 16, 2016

I'm thrilled to have Mark Jaffe, author of "Suitcase of Happyness," as my guest. Mark is a former Walt Disney executive, and he has spent a good deal of his life looking at how to cultivate happiness. At a young age he realized that his happiest life was not something out of reach. He studied, observed, cultivated, and ultimately enjoyed an enduring happiness through a singular focus on identifying what worked and what didn’t. In this episode, Mark and I talk about how to find and pack your suitcase of happiness.

Jul 12, 2016

Flylady Marla Cilley joins host Paula Jenkins to talk about how to form habits and routines to create more joy in your life. Lots of great ideas for keeping your home and family feeling happy and loved.

May 10, 2016

Holly Becker of decor8 and Blogging Your Way joins host Paula Jenkins to talk about she started out, how to find your voice in blogging, why the world needs to hear what you have to say, and how to find your blogging niche.

Apr 5, 2016

Today's Cris Guillebeau joins the show to talk about discovering the work you were born to do, which is the focus of his brand new book, Born For This. Chris is the creator of the World Domination Summit, author of The $100 Start Up, The Art of Non-Conformity, and The Happiness Pursuit. He's traveled to 193 countries using travel hacking. I'm super excited to bring him on to speak about his new book, Born for This, and to talk about how joy has played a part in his journey, plus get his input on how to bring your dream into action AND ways to jump start your joy.

Jan 12, 2016

Marla Cilley, also know as the Flylady,  is back for a second episode! In this edition, Marla dives into how to do the Flylady method of zone cleaning your home, and how to work through the days of the week to stay organized. We got to talk about a lot of fun and easy ideas to keep your home and life organized. Plus, Marla shares about the inspiration for her next book near the end of the episode, and I got goosebumps when she told me about her visit to the National Shrine of Saint Therese. It's an inspiring and amazing story, and one that you will NOT want to miss :)

If you have not yet listened to the first episode, you can find it here.

I'm so excited to share this second hour with Marla for today's episode as part of the "Loving your 2016" series. I'm really honored that she shared about her upcoming book, and just blown away by her lovely story around her time in the chapel.

In this episode, we talk about:
- how she breaks out the zones to cleaning your home
- the theme for each day of the week, when using the Flylady method
- how to approach having your mother in law come over (enlist her help in cleaning!)
- how admitting you need help, and welcoming it, and how that changes your view point
- what she keeps in her closet to give as gifts should an event come up
- planning out big family vacations, (calendar party)
- how to create a relaxed environment around timing when family is leaving
- her plans for live events in the spring
- revisiting her trip to San Mateo, CA a few years ago
- her writing process for her new spiritual book, including her visit to the chapel of St Therese
- how Sink Reflections got it's name
- a few thoughts on saints - Marla's website
The National Shrine Museum of St Therese
Marla is the author of "Body Clutter," and "Sink Reflections," both are best sellers, and  I can not recommend them highly enough.
Sink Reflections - Marla's first book (on Amazon)
Body Clutter - Marla's second book (on Amazon)
Eric Dodge, Why Not Today (on Amazon)


How do you find peace in your life?

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Jan 5, 2016

Marla Cilley, founder of, is a true inspiration. I found her site over ten years ago, as I was going through a divorce and knew I needed to find a way to take care of myself and my home.  I had started the search, thinking that I simply needed to find ways to clean and declutter, and to get my life back on track. What I found was Marla's loving wisdom, her "Flying lessons," her support, a lot of humor, a fun community, and a renewed sense of who I was. For this, I'm grateful.

I'm so honored to have Marla as a guest for today's episode as part of the "Loving your 2016" series. It was a true joy to speak with her, and to spend time soaking up her love and joy-filled philosophy. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the state of your home, or you've made organizing your life a priority for this year, I encourage you to listen, and to visit for more resources. She offers all of this for free - and you are in for such a treat.

In this episode, we talk about:
- how Marla arrived at her current zone cleaning process, including the overwhelming amount of cards and lists that she started with, trying to "perfect" an organization process
- shining your sink, what it is, and how that changed Marla's life
- that two resolutions that started everything
- Marla's take on the word perfect (and how she corrects me when I use it!)
- the food addiction, and why foods evoke memories and provide an endorphin rush. (along with why Mac n Cheese was Marla's go to food when she got stressed, and why I run for peanut butter and chocolate).
- an easier way to clean your bathtub
- a great way to keep bathtub toys stored, and Flylady's first viral post on facebook
- making cleaning fun
- why having a wall calendar is important for organization and teaching our children
- why Marla calls "jobs" or chores "blessings"
- why it's important to release things that don't bring you joy
- the power and importance of complimenting other people - Marla's website
Marla is the author of "Body Clutter," and "Sink Reflections," both are best sellers, and  I can not recommend them highly enough.
Sink Reflections - Marla's first book (on Amazon)
Body Clutter - Marla's second book (on Amazon)
Eric Dodge, Why Not Today (on Amazon)
Pam Young and Peggy Jones card file system (Side Tracked Home Executives) on Amazon

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Jan 1, 2016

Brooke-Sidney Jackson is the founder and CEO of "Bella and The Babe," a website that has resources and support for authentic mothering. She is the author of the brand new "Mama Love Planner" and offers Joy and Empowerment sessions for mothers, and women hoping to become mothers. In the past, Brooke-Sidney has been a lawyer, a journalist, and she now works full time for herself, encouraging, guiding, and offering support to other women.

I sensed right away that Brooke-Sidney and I had so much in common. We met a few years ago, when we were both leading (in)courage groups and discovered we lived only 30 minutes from each other. It has been a complete joy to catch up with her on this podcast episode. I think you will love her wisdom around so many hot mama topics, and her very loving and sensible approach to how to listen to what YOU want as a mother, instead of listening to what others think is right for you and your child, and your family. I walked away feeling more empowered, more focused, and ready to be more authentic in my own mothering choices.
In this episode, Brooke-Sidney and I talk about:
- getting away from making mothering decisions based on what other people say, and focusing on what feels right to you
- how to deal with some of the hot mama topics of breast-feeding, cry it out, male circumcision, co-sleeping, car seats in a way that feels authentic to you
- that it's OK to change your mind on parenting techniques, or change or direction as your child grows
- the major changes that mothers go through from the beginning
- the importance of self care for moms, and how self care can take just 15 minutes a day
- that going after your dreams and goals is even more important once you are a mom, as it sets an example for successes and how to handle failures for children.
- our hopes and dreams for our sons' generation
- how Brooke-Sidney created her own Mama Love Planner, after not being able to find a planner that assisted with both scheduling and self care
- the impact of a gratitude practice: take stock of at least three things that you're grateful for each day, a practice that goes hand in hand with bringing more joy and contentment in your life
- why putting your dreams down on paper helps you reach them, and why doing a brain dump helps free up room in your head to do other things

Order your Mama Love Planner on Brooke-Sidney's site - click here.
Visit Brooke-Sidney Jackson's website: Bella and the Babe
San Damiano Retreat - set up your personal retreat and request spiritual direction


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Dec 8, 2015

Rachael Maddox is the recent author of the book "Secret Bad Girl" in which shares her own journey. Subtitled "How I broke my long-standing sexual trauma spell and grew vibrant, vital & free. A provocative memoir & wildly wise resolution guide," her book relays her story, and offers insights on how anyone under the trauma spell can reach full recovery. Rachael is a coach, a singer and songwriter, and a teacher, plus she's funny, real, and so genuine. While it's a tough topic, we both laugh plenty and share how joy really IS possible, even after living through a traumatic event (Rachael's past trauma being sexual trauma, mine being PTSD related to childbirth).

In this episode, Rachael outlines some of her findings in researching how to resolve sexual trauma. She shares that trauma is something stored in the body, the result of a person's fight, flight, or freeze response not being fully resolved after the initial trauma incident. In her work, which involves extensive coaching, training, and research, she's found that resolving sexual trauma is something best done through somatic (body) work. Her approach is heartfelt, genuine, and something she's lived through.

Rachael had a successful kickstarter, and her book is now available for download on Amazon starting 1/19/16.

In this episode, Rachael talks about:
- what trauma is, and how it remains in your body long after the trauma event
- the definition of a trauma spell or trauma cloud
- different kinds of trauma, such as post traumatic stress disorder and rape trauma
- Rachael's path to healing, which started at Adult Circus camp
- suggestions for addressing trauma in your own life
- Rachael's Dream Tour around the US this last summer
- her song, "live" on the podcast, "Shake"
- where I fess up about one of my core desired feelings being "enraptured" and Rachael's insights on how rapture means to "be your longing"
- the Celestine Prophecy of Everything (Rachael's take on her role in the world)

Rachael's website at
Sign up for the 12/22/15 webinar episode to work on your 2016 goals
Episode 10: Molly Larkin (I reference this in the interview)
Peter Levine's book, Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma
(on Amazon)
Danielle LaPorte's book The Desire Map: A Guide to Creating Goals with Soul (Core Desired Feelings) (on Amazon)

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Oct 6, 2015

It's my true honor and privilege to share episode 5 with you. It's an interview with Michelle Ward, aka The When I Grow Up Coach. She's a Brooklyn based creative career coach who helps women unlock their dreams and find work that feels like play. In addition to her work as a one on one coach, she has created two courses on Creative Live (Ditch Your Day Job and Create your Dream Career), leads a lively Facebook group, and is the author of the book "The Declaration of You."

She's also one of the funniest, liveliest people I've ever met.

Michelle and I have known each other for about 3 years, and it is always a total joy to get to spend time with her.  I was her client, and "graduated" from my work with her knowing that I wanted to be an entrepreneur at some point, but admittedly not altogether sure what that would look like. I knew I loved doing retreats and knew I wanted to do more of that, whatever that was.

In this hilarious discussion, we chat about her early sparks of joy the 80s (yes, we talk about New Kids on the Block and Kirk Cameron), and a bit about her journey to become the When I Grow Up Coach, after having followed the dream of being in musical theater and graduating from NYU Tisch School of the Arts. Michelle graciously dishes some very solid marketing advice, and I think any entrepreneur will really love what she has to say about finding your niche, activating your own marketing gatekeepers, and being super authentic as you start to build a client base.

In this episode we chat about:
- Michelle's early love of Debby Gibson and New Kids on the Block
- her time in a performing arts high school and getting early acceptance into NYU Tisch School of the Arts
- her bridge job, aka the job she held while she was working on getting certified as a life coach and worked in the financial industry
- Michelle's thoughts on having a niche and owning who you best work with
- ideas on what it's like to be a new entrepreneur, and how to build a business
- her recent experience in rebranding her own website
- her thoughts on ways to jump start your own joy

Related links:
Michelle's When I Grow Up Coach website
Donate to Michelle's "Avon Walk to End Breast Cancer" team
Sign up to join Michelle's webinar coming up October 9th!
Michelle's Grown Up Gigs Podcast
Ditch Your Day Job course at Creative Live
Create Your Dream Career course at CreativeLive (I show up on Day Two!)
Michelle's book "Declaration of You" on Amazon*


*this is an affiliate link - I love Michelle's book and know you will, too. Just wanted to keep it real.

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